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West Dakota Waterfowlers Youth Hunt



7th Annual Youth Waterfowl Hunt September 14, 2013


West Dakota Waterfowlers of Minot, ND  is proud to announce the 7th Annual Youth Waterfowl Hunt, Saturday, September 14, 2013.


The West Dakota Waterfowlers are dedicated to providing knowledge, future leaders, solutions and its passion for waterfowl to scientists, resource managers, waterfowlers, conservationists and the public to enhance waterfowl populations while securing the future of waterfowling.


Based on the previously stated mission of  West Dakota Waterfowlers, an outreach program has been developed to foster interest in the youth of Central North Dakota in the sport of waterfowling. It is the goal of this program to educate the youth in the area of safe and fun waterfowling. It is also the intent of the West Dakota Waterfowlers to nurture and build on this initial foray into the sport of waterfowling over a multi-year period with the intention of helping the youth mature as waterfowl hunters and to become conscious of the stewardship entrusted resources held precious by West Dakota Waterfowlers and every waterfowler.


The experience created for these young waterfowlers will depend on the experience and generosity of those within the waterfowling community of our region. To that end we have carefully selected those who will be educating, assisting, and mentoring the youths who participate in the youth hunt. The volunteers will focus on providing guidance in the areas of firearm safety, waterfowling, target identification, selection and calling.


Though all of the West Dakota Waterfowlers committee members and volunteers will help educate by example, the primary educators will be:


Firearm safety while waterfowling


Waterfowl Identification and regulations

            Greg Gullickson –ND Game and Fish Dept.

Waterfowl Hunting strategies and information

            West Dakota Waterfowlers Chapter chairpersons


All equipment, including blinds and decoys utilized during the youth hunt will be provided by the members of the chapter.


*Youth hunters will be required to be 15 years old or younger, have a Hunters Safety Certificate,  proper licensing, including a General Game and Habitat Stamp and HIP Registration #.   Camouflage clothing is recommended.







September  12th & 14th, 2013



6:00  PM   

Thursday September 12th, 2013


Check-In and Refreshments

  • Youth hunters, Parents/Guardians, Volunteers assemble at the North Dakota Game and Fish area located at the ND State Fairgrounds.


6:30 PM    

Safety and Informational Briefing

  • Firearm safety while waterfowling
  • Role of the guide and guidelines for the hunt
  • Hunters, Parents/Guardians will be assigned a hunting area and a West Dakota Waterfowlers Chapter Member.


7:00 PM   

Distribution of Materials

  • Hats, duck calls with lanyard, Waterfowl ID Publications, and shot shells for the youth hunters.  (All hand out material will be provided)



4:30AM (tentative)

Saturday September 14th, 2013

Meet with your West Dakota Waterfowler mentors and depart for hunting areas

 (location to be announced)

7:00 AM   

Legal hunting time (approx)


10:30 AM  

Youth Hunt Ends.

  • Retrieve all decoys
  • Clean up all trash in assigned hunting area
  • Return to ND game and Fish area  (ND State Fairgrounds)


12 Noon   

Youth Hunt Luncheon

Game cleaning demonstration

  • Picture session and sharing the mornings hunt stories
  • Lunch (Provided by West Dakota Waterfowlers)



Certificate of Participation awarded




For more information, to become a member, or if you would like get involved and have fun, contact:

                            Erik Myre  (701) 721-2220

  Chad Beggs (701) 240-8031






 West Dakota Waterfowlers Youth Waterfowl Hunt Registration

Please call to enroll a youth hunter, then complete and return this form to:

Erik Myre

14002 Highway 52

Sawyer ND, 58781



The Registration Deadline is September 11th, 2013 please call after this date to inquire about registration possibilities.


Youth Participant’s Name:                                                                 Birthdate:                   




City:                                                                State:              Zip:                                        


Phone: (           )                                   Email:                                                                        


Parent or Guardian’s name:                                                                                                   


Youth will be accompanied by this responsible adult:                                                          


Relationship of this adult to the youth is:                                                                  


Youth participant will need a shotgun to use.                        Yes                  No


Youth participant has an appropriate, safe and reliable shotgun to use.  It is a                       gauge,                         action.  (Semi-automatic shotguns are NOT preferred for new hunters.)


How would you describe the youth’s experience in hunting?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               


I understand that I will be expected to follow all safety precautions as they are explained to me.

Youth Signature:                                                                      Date:                                     


I understand that I or another parent or guardian may attend all activities with the youth hunter registered above.

Parent or Guardian Signature:                                                 Date:                                     



For Registration Committee Use Only


Date received                                                                                     


Confirmation sent                                                                              

Emergency Medical Authorization Form


Please complete this form to facilitate prompt authorization of medical treatment in the case of an emergency.



Youth Participant’s Name:                                                                                                    


City:                                                                 State:                          Zip:                            

Phone: (           )                                               Alternate Phone: (          )                              

Doctor:                                                                         Phone: (          )                                  

Residential Parent or Guardian:                                                                                             


Mother’s Name:                                                           Phone:                                               


Father’s Name:                                                             Phone:                                               


Alternate Relative or Childcare Provider:                                                                             






Known allergies:                                                                                                                    


Last tetanus shot:                                                                                                                   


Additional Information/ Special Instructions:                                                                       











Parent/Guardian Signature:                                                                 Date:                          

West Dakota Waterfowlers Youth Waterfowl Hunt Consent and Release



I,                                                           (Participant) desire to participate in a special youth waterfowl hunt sponsored by Delta Waterfowl & West Dakota Waterfowlers.  I have the permission and consent of my parent(s) or legal guardians(s),                                            (Parents) as is reflected by their signatures(s) on this form.


We, Participant and Parents, understand that hunting is a sport involving firearms.  Firearms, when mishandled, can be dangerous.  I, Participant, understand that I must use utmost care during the special youth hunt and agree to live up to the highest standards of hunting and firearms safety.  I agree to follow all instructions given by West Dakota Waterfowlers, its members, agents, employees, licensees, volunteers, and associates (Representatives) assisting with the hunt.  I (We), Parents, hereby consent to Participant’s participation in the hunt and authorize representatives of West Dakota Waterfowlers to exercise control over Participant during the hunt.


We, Participant and Parents, also hereby grant the organization the unconditional right to use the participant’s, name, voice and photographic likeness in connection with articles, press releases and audio/video productions that are a result of this event.


            We, Participant and Parents, for and in consideration of Participant being allowed to engage in these activities, herby release and forever discharge West Dakota Waterfowlers and its Representatives from any and all claims, damages, demands, actions, or causes of action of every name and nature arising out of these activities and do by these presents covenant and agree that we will indemnify and save West Dakota Waterfowlers harmless against loss or damage which may result from Participant’s participation in the special youth hunt.  We acknowledge that we are executing this Consent and Release of our own free will, mindful of possible hazards of such activities.




            IN WITNESS WHEREOF, we have hereunto set our hands in writing, intending to be legally bound hereby, this                   day of                                      , 20     .

                                                                                                                    (Month)                      (Year)




Witness Signature                                           Participant Signature



Witness Signature                                           Parent Signature



Witness Signature                                           Parent Signature