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Fur Harvester Education Program

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Fur Harvester Education course

The Fur Harvester Education course is a comprehensive study covering all aspects of fur harvest in North Dakota. The course includes both classroom and hands-on activities which include:

  • Trap handling and sets
  • Cable devices
  • Predator calling
  • Bait and lures
  • Fur harvest regulations
  • Selective trapping techniques
  • Best management practices
  • Ethics
  • Fur handling
  • Furbearer biology
  • Hound hunting

Students can receive a certification card which will satisfy other states' requirements for mandatory trapper education. The course is free and takes 16 hours to complete.

Class Activities and Lectures

Scheduled Classes

Below is a list of available classes. This list is updated as classes are added or filled. Classes are generally scheduled by May 15 each year and are held in the late summer and early fall. To enroll in a class go to the hunter education section of the North Dakota Game and Fish Department's online services website. For any questions about the course email

Fur Harvester Best Management Practices

The Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies has produced best management practices for fur harvesters brochures on various species.

How to Become a Fur Harvester Education Instructor


Share your knowledge and expertise with all ages and levels of fur hunters and trappers, from beginners to experienced. You do not need to be an experienced trapper to help teach this course. Learn how to become a fur harvester education instructor by contacting education coordinator Jeff Long, Bismarck, 701-328-6322, or email Jeff Long

Become an instructor


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