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Garmin GPS Maps


Installation Instructions (video)


About North Dakota Game and Fish Department GPS Maps

The North Dakota Game and Fish Department GPS maps on this page were originally designed for staff use and were constructed to work on several varieties of Garmin handheld GPS models. The Department recognizes that these maps may not work well for all models and expect end users to proceed at their own discretion.

The Department does not provide support for the GPS hardware, software or GPS maps. Contact your Garmin provider or use the Garmin support website for assistance.

Data used to create the North Dakota Game and Fish Department GPS maps are subject to frequent change, and are compiled from a variety of sources, data standards and scales.  Users should be aware that the data may contain spatial inaccuracies, does not represent a legal land survey and may not be appropriate at certain scales.

Map Layers Included in Downloads

  • North Dakota Lands (private lands enrolled in North Dakota Game and Fish Department Private Lands Open To Sportsmen programs, wildlife management areas, and other state and federal lands)
  • North Dakota Lakes (department fishing waters, lake bathymetry and fishing facilities - docks, piers, cleaning stations, etc.)
  • North Dakota Hunting Units (various department hunting units - deer, moose, elk, sheep, etc.)
  • North Dakota Base Map (cities, counties and roads)

Download Versions

Select the download that is best suited for the Garmin unit you have.

To take advantage of some of the custom base maps it may be necessary to have the latest firmware (unit software) and Garmin drivers installed on your GPS. The firmware and driver upgrades can be found at the Garmin support website.

Unit Age *Unit Capabilities Mapset Types  
Newer/Current Removable flash memory/micro SD card | Has the ability to utilize multiple GPS maps Individual Mapsets Get it
Between Removable flash memory/micro SD card | Does not have the ability to utilize multiple GPS maps Compiled Mapsets Get it
Older Internal Memory Only | Can only use a compiled mapset in executable (.exe) format Executable (compiled mapsets) Get it

*If you are unsure what your unit's capabilities are, check the Garmin Support website for your unit's user manual.


Installation Instructions - (video)

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