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Remove Permanent Fish Houses Soon

Monday, March 4, 2013

State law requires permanent fish houses to be removed from North Dakota waters by midnight March 15.

Nancy Boldt, water safety coordinator for the State Game and Fish Department, said anglers should exercise caution because mild weather conditions can quickly result in unstable ice conditions.

“It is always important to check ice thickness, as warm temperatures with a high sun will rapidly deteriorate ice conditions this time of the year,” Boldt said.

In addition, Boldt said anglers should be aware of the amount of snow on the ice. “The pressure from the weight of the snow and ice cause water to seep around shore, as well as through cracks and fishing holes,” she added. “The bottom line is that several inches of slush under fresh snow make traveling difficult because vehicles drop through the top layer and end up stuck.”

Fish houses may be used after March 15 if they are removed daily.