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State Fair Conservation Skills Park Expands

Monday, July 9, 2012

The green space at the North Dakota Game and Fish Department’s Conservation and Outdoor Skills Park at the state fairgrounds in Minot turned brown last summer following the Mouse River flood.

Like the rest of the fairgrounds, though, it’s coming back nicely this summer and will once again welcome visitors at the state’s biggest outdoor gathering July 20-28 at the North Dakota State Fair.

“We’ve basically had to redo our entire area,” said Greg Gullickson, the Game and Fish Department’s outreach biologist in Minot, “and we’ve even added some new space for educational displays.”

Construction of a new dock is just one of the improvements, Gullickson said, while mentioning major repairs to structures, landscaping and the fishing pond.

In addition, Gullickson says the free fishing, shooting, archery and furtaker education programs are still a mainstay of the Game and Fish Department’s state fair presence.

“Our conservation area is a great place to take a break from other fair activity,” Gullickson said. “Our pond is stocked with fish and we invite anyone headed to the fair to stop by and try to catch one.”