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Infested Waters in North Dakota

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Curlyleaf Pondweed Infestations

Curly leaf pondweed

Curly leaf pondweed


Lake Ashtabula - Barnes County.
Lake Audubon  - McLean County.
Lake Elsie - Richland County.
McClusky Canal - McLean County.
McDowell Dam - Burleigh County.
Lake Metigoshe - Bottineau County.
Missouri River - Burleigh, Emmons, McLean, Mercer, Morton and Oliver counties.
Lake Oahe - Emmons and Morton counties.
Riverdale Spillway Lake - McLean County.
Lake Sakakawea - Dunn, McKenzie, McLean, Mercer, Mountrail, and Williams counties.
Sheyenne River - Barnes County.


Eurasian Watermilfoil Infestations


Eurasian-milfoil Infestation Map


Dead Colt Creek - Ransom County
Sheyenne River - Barnes County


Silver Carp

Curly leaf pondweed

Curly leaf pondweed


James River - Stutsman, LaMoure and Dickey counties


Zebra Mussel Infestations

Zebra mussel

Zebra mussel Infestation Map


Red River - Richland County