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Director's Report on Oil and Gas Development (2011)

“Identifying Fish and Wildlife Impacts from Oil/Gas Development, and Strategies for Offsetting those Impacts” is a report to the Game and Fish director, developed by professional fish and wildlife biologists and managers, after a thorough review of scientifically based literature on oil and gas issues from other states as they relate to fish and wildlife resources.

The original intent of this document was to serve as a basis for discussion regarding potential cooperative action involving state and federal agencies, the energy industry and other interested organizations. Additionally, we will use it to identify information gaps to help us direct future research on how oil and gas activity may influence fish and wildlife populations.

This document contains information from peer-reviewed journals, popular articles, university graduate work, and opinions based on best professional judgment. Much of the research information at this point comes from other states. While we can draw similarities to what has occurred in other states and what is happening in North Dakota, fish and wildlife populations may respond differently to actions in the environment. As we obtain further information specific to North Dakota, we will add it to the report. This additional research will not only benefit North Dakota, but other areas of the nation as well.

The report is a working document that we will review and update periodically as new information becomes available. Game and Fish will use it to guide activities and assist in further development of strategy and activities between affected agencies and industry, to ensure that fish and wildlife resources are appropriately considered in areas of oil and gas development.

As with other factors affecting fish and wildlife in North Dakota, we have to address them from a scientific basis, and look for opportunities that will benefit all involved.

Terry Steinwand
North Dakota Game and Fish Department 

Director's Report on Oil and Gas Development (19MB PDF)