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Sandy Flesh

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Looks Bad

Commonly infected wildlife



Is this animal infected?

  • Fish flesh affected by this disease appear coarse and brown, similar to fish fillets that have been freezer burned

Sandy Flesh

Can I get it?


  • There is no known transfer to humans

How bad can it get?

No known transfer to humans

Protect myself and others

  • Although there is no known link between myofibrogranuloma in fish and muscular dystrophy in humans, the cause of sandy flesh is not known, and it is recommended that you do not eat infected fish

Symptoms in humans

  • None known

Safe for pets?

Not safe for pets

No - Since the link between this disease and other animals is not understood, consumption by pets is not recommended


What causes it?

  • Similar to muscular dystrophy in humans, the cause of this disease affecting muscle tissue is not known