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Falconry is defined as the taking of quarry, typically game birds, by the use of trained raptors.

See North Dakota Falconry Rules

  • A valid North Dakota falconry license is required before any resident may take, possess, sell, barter, or transport a raptor for falconry purposes or practice falconry in North Dakota.
    • To request a license application, contact the Game and Fish Department licensing section, 701-328-6335; or email:
    • Note: Before a falconry license is issued, the applicant’s raptor housing facilities and falconry equipment shall be inspected by a Game and Fish Department representative.
  • Any nonresident licensee who wishes to practice falconry in North Dakota must first register Nonresident Falconry Registration.pdf  prior to participating. Nonresident licensees must also purchase all applicable nonresident hunting licenses.
  • Restrictions on Importation
    • Licensees must comply with State Board of Animal Health regulations before importing any raptor, including hybrids, nonindigenous, captive-bred, or wild raptor from another state, territory, or country into North Dakota.
    • The licensee shall provide a copy of all documents, permits, and other statements required by the State Board of Animal Health to the Department’s veterinarian.
  • See the North Dakota falconry rules for other restrictions.